Hip Hop Artist Kuma781 Builds Anticipation for Latest Solo Album with Two Fresh Singles 

From Los Angeles to Albuquerque, hip hop artist Kuma781 brings experience and energy to fresh singles from his latest solo album, “Truth and Consequences.” The album contains the new singles, "Chantin' For War," “Hotel India,” and “Truth or Consequences,” featuring Eric James of The Flood. “Look for each beat to sound totally different,” shares the artist in anticipation of the full record to come. 

Kuma781’s music captures a raw sound that reminds listeners of 90s east coast boom bap with a tinge of darkness. “It delivers punch line after punch line but is kind of dark in a way as well,” shares Kuma781. The artist wants listeners to see his vision through the music. “I want them to see what I’m painting with the lyrics and beats. It’s definitely a vibe.” 

At an early age, the young artist became immersed in the hip hop culture of Los Angeles, where he practiced break dancing with his friends and family. The rawness (and inappropriate language) of rap music drew him in. In an effort to escape the violence of Los Angeles, his family relocated to New Mexico, which wasn’t much of an improvement in that regard. Kuma781 went on to learn martial arts and boxing, thus earning the moniker “Kuma” from his sensei. Coupled with “781” (an old pager code he used), Kuma781 was born. 

Over the years, the young Kuma began writing rhymes and battling rappers around his school and at house parties. Taking part in a tagging crew and a rap crew, he eventually went to jail for vandalism, gave up graffiti, and went to art school. 

While working toward his undergraduate degree in graphic design at a school in Albuquerque, Kuma781 was joined by friend Ray Syfe to form the group, The Flood. The group soon brought in another five members and was dubbed the “Wu-tang of Albuquerque” over the course of several years, albums, and mixtapes. Opening for acts from Jedi Mind Tricks to Masta Ace, the group gave Kuma781 the chance to perform in front of live, captivated audiences over the years. 

Now, Kuma781 raps and produces for his late, Kave Productions. His newest album is a solo endeavor. When it comes to writing his music, Kuma781 relies on the music to dictate the method. “Sometimes I make a beat and it triggers some creative sparks. Most of the time, I write my verses to other people’s beats with similar bpm because I’m too close to the music I produce.” 

Up next, Kuma781 is excited to share the video for his next single with Eric James. “We’re getting our old group together slowly but surely,” he adds. In the meantime, he’s looking forward to connecting with listeners all over the world through creations of his own. 

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Website: https://www.reverbnation.com/thefloodsite 

YouTube: www.youtube.com/kuma781

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100046312939226 


Instagram: www.instagram.com/kuma781

By: Nadia Sobehart :

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